Tuesday, 30. March 2010

Kid Yeah!

Just in case you didn't know it yet. My website is up. Booya.


Tuesday, 5. January 2010

Unicorns, Rainbows, Slaughter

Over the Christmas break my new longboard had its paint job done with acrylic paint, Copics and paint markers. Even though pretty much nothing went the I wanted it to – the wood stain didn't stick well to the bottom of the board, I mistakenly used water-based varnish for the prime coat, the white acrylic base turned yellow, I fucked up / smeared the final graphics with shitty spray varnish and had to do tons of retouching only to fuck it up again cause the markers didn't stick well to the glossy varnish (now that really sucked) – I think the result turned out pretty decent. Still a bit pissed about the type that only barely survived the varnish 'attack' and now looks most shoddy but hey, it was just for kicks anyways.

Monday, 28. December 2009

Slack Attack (II)

Ping pong action partly inspired by this. 'Nuff said.

Tuesday, 22. December 2009

Bunnies, Balloons and Button-Ups

More diploma progress shizzle. Not really my most recent stuff, also quite a different direction than what I'm going for now but what the heck. Graphite, coal, markers and oil pastels.

Tuesday, 15. December 2009

Sketches'n'Scribbles III

These suckers take a bit longer to finish, so updates may take a while. Two more!

Monday, 7. December 2009

Minor Setback

For the moment my happiness about finally being able to sketch has given away to frustration about not being able to find good motifs. But I had a good talk with my prof, took a break, went home and decided to stop drawing for a bit until I've found a solid / more subtle / more simple concept to visualize my thesis. Still confident it's gonna work out somehow. I'll still have time to panic one month prior to the exams :D. Until then, here's a closeup of one of the better sketches.

Tuesday, 24. November 2009

Fear And Loathing In Darmtown

Ooouweee, diploma update. Work is progressing at an ok speed I think. Last week my prof and I decided on two pretty nice theses on which I will base my illustrations: "In fear, one cannot but spread fear." and "Can there be monsters in the eye of the one who knows why they are, how they became and how they should not have had to become what they are?".

Since then I've started with some rough pencil sketches – probably none of which will be part of my final result – and am in the midst of trying out old school watercolor paints. Pretty excited as I've never really worked with these – I'm just not a big painter, always been more of a 'drawer'. Anyways, here a couple of the very rough pencil drawings.

Tuesday, 6. October 2009

The Darkness Is Spreading

Diploma research is in full bloom, oral exams are a week away, workspace has been claimed. Sleeping rhythm is suffering already, procrastination always a threat, Slacker action with the boys. Loads of new faces, a few old ones, first sketches are being drawn. A few examples.

Slack Attack

Prends le pilule bleu. And we'll show you just how deep down
the rabbit hole goes...


Tuesday, 25. August 2009

Old News

This little piece is almost a year old but I never got around to posting it. It's a birthday card for my Dad's 50th. Still kinda like it, so why not share :)

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