Thursday, 6. May 2010


Yes, the big company with the three stripes. That's where I'll be heading in less than two weeks to start my new job as 'Assistant Graphic Designer' at 'Sport Performance Design'. I can't tell you much about it other than that on paper it sounds quite cool.

I'm gonna be making t-shirt graphics for a variety of fashion lines, it's well payed – especially for a starter like me – and there is even some traveling involved! The only minor down side is that it means I have to move back to Frankonia which was really the last place I wanted to end up at after my studies. But an offer like this one you simply can't refuse. Now I'm super excited to get started on one hand, and hella nervous on the other hand as I just don't exactly know what awaits me.

Time will tell.

Wednesday, 3. March 2010

The Blog's Not Dead, Yet

Even though it might have seemed that way the past one and a half months. Truth is that so much shit – first and foremost my diploma – has gone down during that period that I simply didn't have the time to do any updating. Hopefully that's about to change though.

I don't know how well I'll be keeping this thing alive – especially since my daily endeavors probably wont be too exciting in the upcoming months and also because I have another website to take care of now (which most of you probably already know about but which will still get its own blog entry :D) – but I'm gonna do my best. I've already started by cleaning up a bit, removing most of the link lists and completely updating Movies and Mixtape. New entries about what has happened and what is about to will hopefully follow.

If anybody actually still cares to read that is...

Friday, 15. January 2010



Saturday, 2. January 2010


Dancers & Explorers.

Thursday, 31. December 2009

Rewind Selecta! (II)

Hmm, I must've somehow forgotten to make a Best-Of song ranking last year. Too much going on I guess. I'm also not gonna try and list my ten favorite songs of 2008 since I think it's close to impossible to recapture them. Instead you'll just get this years top of iTunes charts :)

1. Tokyo Police ClubBe Good (RAC Remix)
2. Flying LotusUntitled #7
3. Hudson MohawkeOvernight
4. The PresetsThis Boy's In Love
5. CaspianMoksha
6. The Black AtlanticReverence For Fallen Trees
7. Matt & KimI'll Take Us Home
8. The BoatsIt's Not Your Fault
9. Jedi Mind TricksDeathbed Doctrine
10. Passion PitSleepyhead

Wednesday, 30. December 2009

Winter Work Romance

From my room with a view.

Friday, 18. December 2009


I've got a new longboard! It's not really the shape I had in mind – I'd much rather have had a Longrifle or Citycruiser instead of a Speedboard – but hey, I'm not gonna complain if I get it handmade by our school's own soon-to-go-enterprise product design crew for a mere 25 bucks...

Monday, 23. November 2009


Feel it.


Saturday, 22. August 2009

Let Your Earth Quake, Baby

Tuesday, 11. August 2009

I'm So Hip

Now will you look at that, if it ain't Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biehl grocery shopping last 4th of July. Not interesting you say? Wrong. Cause if you take a closer look, you'll discover that the Prince Of Pop is wearing the same Adidas sneakers I was already sporting over a year ago.

I'm not hip, I'm über-hip ;)

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