Wednesday, 15. July 2009

Look At This Fucking Hipster

Thank you Stian for showing me this wonderful website dedicated to ridiculing a movement that I so very much despise of. People simultaneously sporting at least five of the following – skinny jeans, glitter tights, nerd glasses, 80ies vintage shirts, anything by American Apparel, sailor shorts, throwback caps, Ray Bans, Agyness Deyn bangs, plugs/gauges, leather headbands, fanny packs, cashmere cardigans, worn out chucks, feather earrings, all over print sweat pants, 5 inch full beards, keffiyehs and/or indian pattern dresses – I think seldom has the phrase "Get a life!" (or at least a real fashion sense) been more fitting.

Thursday, 11. June 2009

DJ Derek

Definitely my favorite DJ from now on :D Here's part two.

EDIT: Something's wrong with my account, meaning for some reason I can't add more blog posts at the moment. Hope I have it figured out by the weekend 'cause there's new stuff comin'!

Friday, 13. February 2009

Vincent Laforet

My big respect to guys like him who can handle photography just as well as moving image. Really looking forward to see his documentary about surfer Jamie O'Brien. Only his outros are a bit too long...

Thursday, 15. January 2009

Mixtape Mania

I've done it again. I've opened up another blog. But don't worry, you don't have to read anything, you just have to listen. It'll be a blog filled only with mixtapes similar to the one I have here on the right. Probably gonna throw a new one up there every couple of weeks or so. I've started off with my Top Ten of last year. Check it at Twisted Nuns.

By the way, I've just noticed: I should eat sushi more often.

Monday, 12. January 2009


Sorry, still just fill-in material. But check out the guys of The Glitch Mob rockin' that crazyass shit big time! Why doesn't this kinda stuff happen more often over here, or anywhere for that matter?

P.S. I will probably be blogging about these guys (amongst others) pretty soon on the forgotten playground of MSBWY, so watch out.

Thursday, 18. September 2008

SP Shit Ya'll!

My fellow sufferer/intern at Bleed, Fredrik a.k.a. Fred Fades, besides his obvious skills as a graphic designer, also happens to be kickin' it big time as beat digger and DJ. I'm not an authority in his field of expertise, but I love a good hip hop beat. And Fred's got plenty of them. Check him strutting his stuff on MySpace, where you can also download two very nice beat tapes of his.

Falko, Cho, Bubba – I think this shit might be up your alley :D


Monday, 28. July 2008

Fucked Up Illustrations

... but in a good way! My friend Manu from Spain/Copenhagen finally put together a blog with all his recent works.
Check out Medusas y Cerebros for some high quality shit.


Monday, 21. July 2008

Young Guns

Damn. I was getting some drinks with friends when, more or less by coincidence, I stumbled upon a small festival and my friend Tobi from Yambalaya in the middle of my hometown yesterday night. We were on our way to a bar, so we didn't talk much, but he urged me to come back around 10 as there would be 'a really cool newcomer band playing'. So I did, expectations relatively low - you have to know that in Tobi's eyes, every second newcomer band is 'really cool' - but I was in for a big ass surprise.

Goddaaaaimn, these sixteen year old babyfaces from the Bavarian province called Zico And The Noisemakers could really reggaerock! Amazing what kind of 'ripe' sound including good lyrics and a very fitting voice they produce at their young age. We watched their set half in astonishment (me) half in agony (Tobi) and went home after four (!) encores knowing that these kids are gonna make their way to the big stages pretty soon. First step: they'll be opening for Jahcoustix beginning of September.

Saturday, 19. April 2008


A friend of mine back from Copenhagen, Kári, is currently working on his masters project – redesigning Icelandic folk tales and legends. Pretty neat stuff from what I've seen so far. Check out the progress on Lokaverkefnið or the Ponyfarm. By the way, the guy also has pretty cool illustration blog with a friend from up north called Krass og Krot. Go check it out! And props to the Danish capital, hope you don't hate me for showing your stuff here :)

Sunday, 6. April 2008

Life's A Circus And You're The Clown

My good friend Tobi from back home and his second band project, the Reggae / Ska combo Yambalaya have released their first album (title above)! And even though I despise the cover artwork I still demand that all of you buy it. Now. Here's a short piece of footage of their 'work' from the Sunhill Reggae Night.

By the way, if you wanna seem them live: those bastards will be playing at Chiemsee Reggae along the likes of Shaggy, Deichkind, Patrice, Clueso, Shantel and many more. Damn you.


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