Thursday, 6. May 2010

Random Things (XXXI)

1) New flatshare, new crazy people.
2) Oooh, pretty.
3) Korean-German sandwich that ended up breaking my bed.
4) Big bugs in front of my window.
5) Murakami at Pop Life Exhibition, Hamburg.
6) I miss winter. Sometimes.


Yes, the big company with the three stripes. That's where I'll be heading in less than two weeks to start my new job as 'Assistant Graphic Designer' at 'Sport Performance Design'. I can't tell you much about it other than that on paper it sounds quite cool.

I'm gonna be making t-shirt graphics for a variety of fashion lines, it's well payed – especially for a starter like me – and there is even some traveling involved! The only minor down side is that it means I have to move back to Frankonia which was really the last place I wanted to end up at after my studies. But an offer like this one you simply can't refuse. Now I'm super excited to get started on one hand, and hella nervous on the other hand as I just don't exactly know what awaits me.

Time will tell.

Tuesday, 20. April 2010

Diploma Recap – Party

Ah yes, been a long time but here finally part four. An unlikely chapter for a series that's called 'Diploma' I guess, but to be honest, we didn't do that much partying during the last winter months. Yes, in the beginning where we still had shitloads of time and were feeling prrrretty confident about our final projects, we still did get drunk every weekend. And also in the end, after all exams had been passed, we didn't have anything better to do than getting senselessly hammered (most of the following pictures are from that time). But inbetween? Nah, not so much. Too bad actually, as it was our last semester as real students. But hey, it still made for a few good snapshots :D

Saturday, 3. April 2010

Full Force Video Bombardement

Okok, I actually wanted to write another part of the 'Diploma Recap' series but right now I'm just too mashed to look for good pictures and write something that actually makes sense. Instead I will be hitting you with this: three super nice music videos I have recently stumbled upon.

First we have a remix of French hip hop legend Booba's 'Salade Tomates Oignons' by Yuksek, the latter of which also contributed a track to Phoenix' 'Wolfgnag Amadeus Remixed' – the album I also recently wrote about. Next up is a fairly new Vampire Weekend video to the song 'Giving Up The Gun' which features a lot of unexpected cameos. After that we have Jay Z with his uberstylish 'One To The next One' off the new album. And finally one of my favorite bands of the last year that finally released their first album 'Tourist History' – Two Door Cinema Club with 'Undercover Martyn'. Not their latest video and not the freshest concept but somehow I like this one. Besides that, it's really quite interesting to hear how much they've 'tuned' and partly reworked their songs for the album. A few songs have improved but in my opinion most of them have lost their 'raw' touch and now sound kinda mushy. They're still awesome :)

Tuesday, 30. March 2010

Kid Yeah!

Just in case you didn't know it yet. My website is up. Booya.


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